At last! More Photos of Recent Couture Hats and Couture Small headpieces/fascinators

I keep being told to put more photographs on this website, it is something I struggle with, I adore the world of millinery and want to spend time making hats and all things millinery, having this blog is fairly new to me and I am not yet comfortable with the way it works. I apologise to all those of you who check back for an update, I will improve!

Ruby Red Felt Cloche Hat in Luxurious Peach Bloom Felt

Small Couture Headpiece in Aubergine Silk with Ivory Silk Crepe Rose

Extremely Flattering Upturned Ivory Sinamay Brim with the Crown constructed from Mocha Straw

Each piece that I create is completely unique, my clients never have that dreadful sinking feeling of seeing someone else wearing the same hat. They know that the hat they are wearing (which fits perfectly) has been made exclusively for them, that it flatters them and makes them feel very special.

Couture Black and Ivory Hat

Bespoke elegance, how to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons!

I created this hat for the Stephen Jones and Vogue hat competition, sadly I didn’t win!! But my congratulations go to Aliona Kononova the overall winner, her creation will be displayed alongside other hats in Stephen Jones’s Hats: An Anthology at The Bard Graduate Centre in New York. However I received many fabulous comments about this piece. It has a very wide brim, is extremely flattering and very elegant. It has been constructed using traditional couture methods using very high quality materials. I particularly enjoyed chopping up a vintage evening gown to make the crown with! Please feel free to let me know what you think.

Couture fedora in alabaster peachbloom felt

A small selection of couture headpieces

Couture headpieces range in price depending on the complexity of the bespoke design and the types of materials used as well as the construction methods.

Couture Hat; Dark Grey and Ivory Straw

Inspired by a stunning photograph of the inside of a Syrian building. The arches are hand sewn using contrasting Petersham ribbon. The ribbon on the edge of the brim is also hand sewn with stitches so small they are almost invisible. The hand stitching, as opposed to machining the edging is one of the marks of a true couture hat. It is the attention to detail that matters; although a couture hat is naturally expensive, I always feel it is very important that my clients can see and feel the quality of my work.